Runtime Configuration

Runtime configuration.

PropertyDefaultValid ValuesDescription
autoreloadfalseboolean If the value of autoreload is true the Jour will detect change in the file and apply the modifications to collection engine.
elog.ONfalseboolean false completely disables collection and output of monitoring information.
elog.classEventQueueLoggerEventQueueLogger or AsyncEventLogger Destination for profiling events.

EventQueueLogger for real time monitoring.

AsyncEventLogger for later processing

AsyncEventLogger.queue.size128int Number of event to store in in Queue before dispatching.
AsyncEventLogger.dispatcher.destinationBulkEventFileWriterBulkEventFileWriter | BulkEventJMSWriter | BulkEventLog4jWriter Store events or send to JMS Topic.
BulkEventFileWriter.dest_folder.full pathLocation to store the trace files.
BulkEventFileWriter.events_max1000longLimit the file size to the given number of events.
BulkEventFileWriter.max_lifetime_minutesintLimit the file size to duration of collection period
swingMonitorfalsebooleanUsed togethere with EventQueueLogger to monitor event while application is running.

There are more values to configure all documented in the file itself as comment.